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Best Low Acid Coffee

Emily Johnson of Epicurious Names Java Planet The Best-Tasting Low-Acid Coffee

Many of the coffees I tasted were simply too dark—they lacked the light, bright acidity that balances coffee's toastier notes, and in fact simply tasted burnt. This wasn't the case with Java Planet. It had the toasty flavor profile of a dark roast, but with a nuance and complexity that many of the other coffees lacked. Java Planet tastes chocolate-y and nutty, has a round, smooth texture, and even offers some brightness and fruitiness despite the low acid levels. It was really the only coffee of the bunch that offered a balanced flavor. (It helps that Java Planet is also one of the few low-acid coffees on the market that isn't sold pre-ground.)
In addition to being low-acid, Java Planet is organic—and, depending on the variety, the coffee may also be fair trade and/or bird friendly.


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