Decaf Sumatra


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Lisa Bell
Pretty good

I found that I like this one better made in the French press rather than my stove top percolator or coffee maker.

Best Coffee, I am a long time customer

Best coffee I have drank. I get the decaf Peru and Sumatra. Lately I am loving Sumatra. I need to buy more. Full dark flavor.

Great coffee

I had to switch to decaf because of health issues, but this coffee is so good and the fact it's organic and fair trade is a added bonus.

Pamela Galasso
Why settle for a mediocre cup of morning brew? Jazz up your am routine with a great brew from Jav...

We have tested many coffees before finding this coffee when we stopped into a small café in Venice, FL. As the coffee was "all that" we had breakfast there to indulge in the daily brew offerings. Thankfully, we asked the staff where we could purchase this coffee and they connected us to Java Planet. Not sure how they consistently roast the beans for a spectacular cup of awesome flavor!

Joe Litton
By FAR the best decaf I've ever had

I switched to (mostly) decaf a few months back. But I still LOVE coffee. This ticks all the boxes: rich dark roast flavor, organically grown, locally roasted, and OMG - the aroma!!! I prefer to hand grind the beans and use the pour-over method. In my case, 2 Tbs beans, use hand-held small burr grinder, and then slowly brew. Decaf CAN be fantastic, and this IS.