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My favorite Decaf

I love Peru decaf coffee, it is delicious and smooth. I mix my morning coffee half and half with decaf. I have been drinking Java Planet's organic coffee for about 8 years. I love their coffee and since I started with decaf,the Peru is my favorite, low acid is a bonus! Now I can drink coffee any time of day and not worry about the caffine. I trust Java Planet for great sourcing and natrually decaffinated, not chemicals here!

Smoothie /Fruity !

Think I’ve tried all of them & I’m liking the Columbia best.
Very smooth & just the right amount of fruit flavor.

Fresh and delicious

I just upgraded my espresso machine and wanted to try some fresh beans. I’d been using grocery store beans up until. This. blend gave me a beautiful crema and a delicious flavor. I’ll never go back to grocery beans, you have me hooked.

The Beat Coffee Period

Over the years have have tried many different coffees from quite a number of coffee roasters. The first time I drank Guatemalan coffee was at a Bed And Breakfast and I was hooked. I found out where they had gotten their coffee and immediately went to the roasters and bought a couple pounds to take home with me. I continued to purchase their coffee until they started dark roasting it. When I found out that you roasted it as a medium roast I was pleasantly surprised. You advertised that it was medium roast but I’ve been burnt before (no pun intended)by roasters that said their Guatemalan coffee was medium roast when it actually was medium dark or dark. I don’t like dark roast coffee of any kind. I drink my coffee black all the time and I want to enjoy the subtle flavors that I only get with medium roast especially Guatemalan coffee. I’m extremely pleased that you only roast it to a medium roast. As long as it is roasted to medium, you’ll have me as a customer. Thanks again for a wonderful coffee perfectly roasted. I’m enjoying a cup of it right now out on my deck and the temperature has dropped quite a lot up here in the mountains. There is nothing better than having a fresh cup of hot coffee when it is cold where you are. Thanks for hooking me up with a wonderfully roasted Guatemalan coffee again.

wonderful Peruvian Coffee!

The coffee is nice and dark, rich and not at all bitter, it's very mellow. Just like you would want in the evening. Perfect.

Very satisfying

Smooth but very full of flavor.

a bold taste and no acid reaction.

a bold taste and no acid reaction.

My Favorite Coffee

This Organic House Blend is my favorite coffee.
My wife is not a coffee drinker but she enjoys the aroma of the freshly ground beans.

Excellent !

I love this coffee! Smooth and low acid so it doesn’t upset my stomach ! I love that it is organic and fair trade too! Fair compensation is important for humanity to thrive .

Delicious and Drinkable

I enjoyed this coffee very much and it was nice to have the chance to try something out of the ordinary. I appreciate the absolute freshness of your coffees, I generally receive them within a couple of days of their roasting.

French Press!

I am very impressed with this french press!! I can't believe how long it keeps liquid hot with the insulated walls. It makes delicious coffee and it doesn't drip when you pour it. I would buy again!

Good-tasting Coffee!

This is my second or third bag of Papua New Guinea coffee and I really like the taste of it! It has a good taste that is not overpowering and the acidity is low enough to keep you going back to get a second or third cup! I tried it several months ago and found it to be one of my favorite coffees for 2020. Try it and I bet you will like it too!

Great taste

This is my new favorite coffee. Absolutely love the flavor. If you like a strong taste this isn’t for you. But if you just enjoy a nice smooth taste you’d enjoy this one. I usually order the Columbia one now I’m hooked on this one.

Very smooth finish!

Used this bean in a percolator and it had a delicous well-rounded flavor with a nice smooth finish. No bitterness at all! Love the medium roast quality to it too.

Amazing Espresso

This is such a smooth, rich blend. Just the right amount of acidity, with a chocolate scent. I really love this coffee.

Great coffee

I had to switch to decaf because of health issues, but this coffee is so good and the fact it's organic and fair trade is a added bonus.


Just found a new favorite
Really nice flavor
I love my coffee and this is another favorite
I have been drinking the Columbian now I have found an other great tasting coffee.

Peruvian Decaf

This is my first trial of Peruvian coffee and must say that it is excellent, full flavored, no bite, very smooth. Very highly recommended.

Tastes great and solved my acid problem

So happy to have found this coffee! I'd been trying coffee alternatives after my regular coffee started to irritate my stomach and trigger acid reflux. Ordered Java Planet's low acid Columbian because of all the rave reviews and the company's values (people + the planet), and couldn't be happier! Not only did it take care of the acid issue, it has great flavor. I prefer strong coffee, so I add 3 tbsp. to 16oz. of hot water (1 minute post-boil)in my french press and steep 7 minutes, and it's perfect for me. One hint I read elsewhere that I found makes a difference in kicking up flavor is to add just enough hot water to cover the grounds, press the plunger down to just above the water, then wait 1 minute before pulling up the plunger and adding the rest of the water. Would love to see a couple more low acid options, but I'll be reordering this one on repeat until other options present themselves here. Such a find!

Great coffee

Simply great coffee period

THE most delicious coffee I’ve ever had

It’s the best ever. Full stop.

Nicaraguan paradisio!!

We absolutely loved this coffee!
Light but well balanced and so easy to enjoy!!

$100 cup of coffee.

My wife calls it her $100 cup of coffee. We have never had coffee beans shipped to our home before, but at this point, we can’t imagine drinking anything else. And no, it isn’t $100 a cup, but it sure taste like it.

Roaster's Special from Nicaragua

What a pleasant way for Java Planet to begin the Roaster's Special Promotion Series, and Nicaragua is the first country featured. The quality coffee beans from Nicaragua were uniform in appearance with a nice aroma right out of the bag, to the coffee grinder and, finally, in my cup! The taste of the coffee was most enjoyable. The flavor was mild and had no acidic aftertaste. The quality of the Nicaraguan beans allowed me to make consistently a cup of coffee that looked very good and tasted very good...cup after cup! I thoroughly enjoyed my first bag of Roaster's Special from Nicaragua. I will be buying more if they don't sell all they have now.