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Papua New Guinea
Christine Wiskus
Cold Brew

I impulsively made cold brew with this Papua New Guinea, and it was amazing! Seriously, my friends and I all agreed it was the best cold brew yet!

Fantastic aroma and flavor, and earth-friendly to boot !

We were looking to switch to an organic dark roast that is bird and rainforest friendly. This is PERFECT. There is no need to compromise quality if you want to help the planet, as this is wonderful coffee. I seriously go to bed each night looking forward to that first cup in the morning :)

French Press
Gary Barnett
Beautiful in both form and function

I bought this french press mainly for camping and off-roading. I loved the looks of the polished stainless steel carafe and the fact it is unbreakable, unlike the glass ones.

Colombia Organic
Liz Landino
Great taste

This is the only coffee that doesn't hurt my kidneys, and I love it!

Colombia Organic
Lauren Culbert
I love this coffee!

This coffee has allowed me to continue drinking coffee without the devastating tummy issues that I experience with other coffees. I am eternally grateful to Java planet.!

Colombia Organic
Charlie Ryan

My bride and I absolutely love our Columbia Organic. It tastes wonderful and the low acidity does not upset her stomach. Thank you for coming up with this!

Quite Good

We like coffees. We generally keep at least three different varieties going, switching from one to the other from one day to the next. Chocolate Almond Bliss has earned a spot in our rotation, with it's nice subtle flavor that never disappoints.

Greg B
Nice, Very Nice

A very nice coffee with a delicate flavor and an intriguing aroma. Perfect for after dinner or as a morning treat. We will definitely be coming back for more of this.

Papua New Guinea
Gary Scheible
Best I’ve found!

I have been trying different coffees for years and have settled on this as my go to regular. No stomach issues as with some and love the both mild and yet rich flavor. I have been drinking it for several years now have introduced it to friends.

Lori Whitney

A really good medium/dark roast coffee without the acidity. I enjoyed this one, bold but not bitter.

Espresso Organic Blend

I just received the Espresso Organic Blend ground coffee, and it is excellent. It is a very smooth, rich coffee that I am reordering now. I highly recommend all Java Planet Coffee.

Guatemala Organic

This is the way coffee was meant to be. Finally a go to coffee and my search is over.

El Salvador Organic
Kristin Briceland
Great cup of coffee!

This blend is very smooth and flavorful. I think it may just be my new favorite!! 😃

Great Coffee

We like coffee, and we like a variety of them. We keep 6-10 different coffees on hand, with 3-4 open for daily rotation. This one is definitely in our top 2 or 3. Bought it for the bird friendly and organic certification, and keep going back to it for the wonderful flavor. It is really, really good.

Guatemala Organic
Mike Denbow
Wicked good

Nice, smooth taste with a slight taste of chocolate and small hint of caramel....love it

Smooth & Tasty

I really enjoyed this roast. It is smooth and rich at the same time. I highly recommend it!

Costa Rica Organic
Dawn Matthews
Smooth Flavor

The Costa Rica Organic is the Smoothest Dark Roast coffee. It's a great way to start your day with this Java/Coffee. Flavors of nut & chocolate come through, making it Smooth! Love this coffee.

Guatemala Organic
Excellent tasting, won't kill stomach, won't clog automatic coffee machine, organic, bird friendly

We love our daily coffee, 2 of us drink it black, 2 with milk. This Guatemalan coffee was deemed Best in taste in our house, and produces a rich crema. The other contenders were Hawaiian coffees. Another constraint is that we have an automatic espresso machine that can only grind non gunky, medium roasted beans. Mission accomplished for the Guatemalan coffee as well. Plus, it's low acid, it's easy on my stomach; that's important to me because most of the time, it's the only drink/food I'll have until deep in the afternoon (bullet proof coffee). Lastly, it's from an organic, fair trade, bird friendly source, it's sustainable coffee. We've been drinking this coffee for years now, it's fantastic.

Low acid coffee

Love it!

Guatemala Organic
Delicious & full bodied

Best coffee I’ve had yet ~ full bodied, delicious & low acid. 2nd order was a 5lb bag & still delicious like 1lb bag was. Will definitely order again*

Best Coffee, I am a long time customer

Best coffee I have drank. I get the decaf Peru and Sumatra. Lately I am loving Sumatra. I need to buy more. Full dark flavor.

Colombia Organic
Matthew Ballard
Low Acid and delicious!

Our family loves this coffee. This is the only coffee my fiancee can drink without the acid making her sick, and it is still absolutely delicious.

Mild low acid, tasty

A mild flavor low acid coffee. Quite good. I would buy it again. Java Planet is dependable and fast delivery. I recommend them highly.

Colombia Organic
DELICIOUS and Did Not Disappoint

I’ve tried other organic coffee delivery services and this one is definitely the winner! When it arrived and I opened the box, the inviting aroma of premium coffee filled my house for hours. The cost is very reasonable and the coffee is delicious. Other coffees may also be gentle on the stomach, but this is the first brand I’ve found that doesn’t sacrifice its flavor to be so.

Wild Bird Latte Cup
Leslie Wilson
Beautiful & Delicious!

I’m enjoying an afternoon Decaf Organic Peru latte in my beautiful Wild Bird mug. The coffee is deliciously smooth. It’ll be a reorder for sure. And I’m so glad I got my mug before they sold out. I hope they will be restocked. I’d love to order one for my Mom who is a conservationist & an ornithologist as a Christmas gift.