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What are people saying about Java Planet Coffee?

Based on 2085 reviews
Colombia Organic
Darlene M Hoover
Bold but smooth flavor!

Great coffee that has great flavor and won�t upset my stomach.

Peru Organic
Grant Livingston
Best Bird Friendly Coffee

After learning about Bird Friendly coffee growing and why it's vital to the survival of migratory birds I don't buy anything else. This is my favorite Bird-Friendly coffee, with a strong, bold flavor.

El Salvador Organic
E. Williams
New Favorite

I bought the El Salvador Organic because it has the Bird Friendly and Rainforest Alliance Certifications. It's earthiness and richness surprised me; really delicious coffee!

Colombia Organic
Paul Haack
Organic Low acid smooth Columbian coffee...

I love the coffee. My acid reflux is so much better after switching to a low acid coffee and I am all about Organic non tainted goods.

Very good

Thank you!

Colombia Organic
Annette Holdeman

Colombia Organic

Ethiopian Sidamo Organic
Michelle Crenshaw
Smooth and Delicious

I bought the Ethiopian Sidamo out of curiosity and was pleasantly rewarded. Velvety and not overpowering - just the way I prefer. Will be an ongoing purchase.

Guatemala Organic
Carol D OConnell
Guatemala Organic

Smooth, full bodied but not bitter. A rich blend and perfect way to start the day! Love my Java Planet coffee!! Love the low acid coffees! No compromise on taste or quality!!

Robust Flavor, low-acid, Dark Roast Organic Coffee Delicious

The organic, ,low-acid, dark roast Columbian bean delivers a smooth and flavorful coffee with smooth energy without jitters.

Love the flavor.

Sumatra Organic


Best coffee in the world

I'm a coffee snob. I like my coffee in a French press, so it must be fresh and good quality. I have used Java Planet for about six month and have always received the finest beans that are fresh - as evidenced by the thick bloom that forms in a French press. They are never bitter and are full bodied. The flavors reflect the descriptions perfectly. I also love that they are an eco-conscious, small company. Recommend this coffee without reservations.

Thank you Kim!

We are coffee snobs as well that is why we strive to provide the best coffee!!!

The size of the grounds is key.

Whole beans, my fist round I wasn�t impressed, after a few try�s with different grinding settings I keyed in on it. The sweet spot for my taste buds. Give it a try I don�t think you will be disappointed�

Colombia Organic
Joy Gendusa
Really Delicious!

My hubby has been buying organic coffees and brewing them and trying them. For some reason he just couldn’t find one he really liked. He kept ordering, grinding, brewing and being disappointed. At my company we got this client that makes organic coffee so I decided to order some. And he LOVES it. I saw the postcards we designed for them! Anyway, we’ll be ordering again and again. Delicious!

Thank you Joy!! We love the postcard you designed and the fact that your husband loves the coffee!!

Great coffee

Nice and smooth

Sumatra Organic
anni ellis

Love this coffee AND the customer service cannot be beat!

Colombia Organic
Silvia Walsh

Very good coffee

Good coffee, but not incredible

Tasty, but not being a coffee snob, I couldn't tell a difference from my regular Pike's Peak.
Don't let that stop you from trying it. Maybe your taste buds are more sensitive than mine.


Delicious! And customer service is first rate🏆

Guatemala Organic
Amazon Customer
Good coffee

I am happy with this coffee. I ordered another bag.

Decaf Peru Organic
Peru decaf

This is by far my favorite coffee. Looking for to getting to order more int he near future

MUCH better than I had hoped.

After covid all coffee smelled bad and tasted like the can coffee my granddad made, till this one. Hope the next order is as good!!

Terrific tasting coffee with no "spacey brain" effect!

Organic coffees eliminate toxic spraying, but as a result are often higher in mycotoxins, which many people are also sensitive to. Java Planet Organic Colombian really agrees with me; delicious coffee without any of my usual mycotoxin spacey brain reaction - hooray!

Papua New Guinea
Mark Brinker
Papua New Guinea Whole Bean Organic

Very good coffee, if you like Sumatra give it a shot! PNG & Sumatra are my go to single origin choice. I use a V-60. Only gripe, 1st subscription order had a 10 day old roasted on date, still very good. 1st time that late, all other orders were less than 4 or 5 days.

Colombia Organic
Veronica Williams
Came as expected

Delicious and consistent

Great tasting coffee with from a great company

I've been very pleased with my low acid beans. I do feel as though I have less heartburn issues with this blend, and it has been absolutely perfect for pour over coffee. I love that it's organic, bird safe, and rainforest friendly. Thank you for making such a wondeful product!

Thank you Tryn!

So glad that you like the coffee! Love the picture!!