What are people saying about Java Planet Coffee?

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Easily my favorite flavor!!!

Cannot get enough of their coffee. Won’t buy coffee out anymore. They are the best.

Sumatra Organic
Stephen M.
Smooth and full bodied.

We love this coffee. It never disappoints. It’s the best reason to get up to let the dog out in the morning.

Costa Rica Organic
Rich Schumacker
Costa Rica Organic

My new favorite coffee beans from Java Planet ! Excellent taste !

Love the flavor of this coffee!

Good coffee

Good coffee definitely low acid coffee I don’t have acid reflux as bad drinking this

My husband's favorite holiday coffee right here!


Smooth taste and low acid very aromatic. Best organic coffee for me!

Bestseller Sampler
Aniceta Lara
Best coffee

Love all ur coffee whole bean n Peru Organic is my favorite . Nice to know it’s roasted fresh before delivery .

Sumatra Organic
Phyllis Knoll

The coffee is both delicious and very addicting! Our coffee intake has doubled since decaf Peru and Sumatra arrived. Thank you for such a fantastic product!

Guatemala Organic
Jeanene Brown
I love it!

This coffee tastes so smooth, rich, and Not Acidic!

Sumatra Organic
Michael Mondor

Great beans

Costa Rica Organic
Lisa Steciw

I am very particular about coffee - I chose the dark roast and was very pleased with the flavor.

L ove this coffee

Decaf Peru Organic
Phyllis Knoll

My Java Planet order arrived and even before I opened the box, I was quite taken by the aroma. But oh….after the first sip, I fell in love. Thank you for helping me with the correct. I donated the original order to a non-profit charity and they were thankful and thrilled by the delicious coffee. You were a blessing to many!! Thank you!

VERY high quality, FRESH, and delicious

As someone who's been dealing with health issues that caused me to give up coffee altogether for 6 months, I'm now at a point where I can tolerate it -- IF it's clean, high quality, and extremely fresh.

Very few coffees actually meet that criteria.

I'm no coffee expert, but I have tried A LOT of different "premium" coffees over the past few years. What I've learned is that you can tell a lot about the quality and freshness of a coffee by how well it "blooms" on the first pour.

I've had countless of coffees claiming to be fresh and high quality that had zero bloom at all -- and the taste reflected that (in a bad way). My Columbia blend from Java Planet has the BEST bloom on the first pour of any coffee I've tried -- and the taste reflects that in a positive way.

Combine that quality/freshness with the fact that this is supporting a small business, and this is an easy 5 stars from me.

Papua New Guinea
Karen Vandenberg
Great coffee

Love the Papua New Guinea coffee. It is the best dark roast I’ve had and I love that it is usually roasted within a week of me receiving it.

Another winner !

Already on my second bag of Peru - another great selection of coffee from Java Planet !

Love this Coffee

Already bought three bags of the Colombia - very smooth, great taste with low acid !

Black Magic Organic Blend
Rich Schumacker

I have purchased Colombia (three times), Peru, and Black Magic and all are excellent. I love that all of these blends are smooth with low acid.

Love this coffee

Colombia Organic
Jan Kaufman
Low acid planet friendly coffee

We love this coffee and appreciate the care given to our planet.

Guatemala Organic
Patti Carone
Coffee review

I like all the bird friendly coffees. People should buy bird friendly because it helps maintain the survival of native animals and which helps biodiversity. If you care at all about the environment you should buy this coffee. Regular coffee uses practices that are detrimental to the environment.

Colombia Organic
marianne parr

Columbian organic, very tasty. Would order again.

Peru Organic
Marlena Keller
Absolutely delicious and perfect!

I love this coffee!! Tastes so fresh!