What are people saying about Java Planet Coffee?

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Colombia Organic
Merryl Goldman
Java Columbian

Always delicious and low acid!! Never bitter! ❤

Sumatra Organic
Deborah Sparbeck

my favorite coffee!

Great crem

Loved it! Rich and creamy yumminess!!

Fresh and local!

Great coffee! I grind fresh every morning for a pour over and the taste and buzz is very nice. I especially love that it is from Tampa and organic- and comes in a 5lb option for our large household of coffee drinkers!

Decaf Peru Organic
Christy Noe
Excellent cup of coffee

I am very pleased with finding the Java Planet low acid coffees. The taste is outstanding and I can't believe how smooth it is.

Guatemala Organic
Clara Hunt
Great coffee

I love the taste of the Guatemala organic coffee and appreciate the fact that it is low acidity.

Decaf Peru Organic
Julie Goad Watkins
Decaf Peru Organic and Columbian Regular

Best coffee ever! I drink quite a few cups in the morning and this coffee is so easy on my stomach! Plus, the last cup taste as good as the first, fresh cup! I have definitely found my new brand!

Papua New Guinea
Jeff Weesner
Well done honest connection.

Purchased 4 coffees. I almost hesitated at the price, but I took a chance that this could be great. They’re all outstanding connections to the place and people. They are consistently good, organic, and respect the farmer, labourer, transport and roasters work. We choose our life by what we do and build. It is a nice erect day luxury wether I’m on my way downtown to the office, prepping for video, or running through farm lists. - Jeff, Weesner Meadow Farm

Tried my first cup today

The flavor of the coffee was good and as for the acidity I haven’t experienced any pain or heartburn. It was a good cup of coffee overall.

Ethiopian Sidamo Organic
Robert Schwartz
Robust Full Body Taste

A very rewarding taste having my tried Ethiopian Sidamo for the first time yesterday morning. Full and a slight sweetness. I am looking forward to many more mornings of pleasure drinking this coffee. Definitely worth trying. No funny after taste - just a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Guatemala Organic
Lauren McKenna
Great coffee

Enjoying this coffee and the El Salvador Organic that I ordered.

Wild Bird Latte Cup
Michael Detwiler
She cried

When she opened her gift of these cups she cried and said "OMG these are SO beautiful"

Peru Organic
brenda hout
love it

I only drink Java Planet coffees. I grind the beans fresh every day.

Papua New Guinea
Michael Longley
Best aroma

When I first opened the sealed package the wonderful aroma was amazing and only amplified when I began grinding it. Across the room my wife even commented about this Papua New Guinea coffee. This morning I brewed my first cup and the taste is even better than the first aroma. This very well may become my favorite coffee! Just wonderful!

Peru Organic
Loretta Moore
Peru organic coffee beans

I highly recommend Java planet coffee.. I buy the Peru organic because it’s smooth and not acidic

Sweet and Special

I'm a fan of hand made things, especially cups and bowls. I appreciate the lovely handwork and dedication to craft that someone many miles away put into this cup. It's my Afternoon Coffee Cup every day.

Loved it!

Have ordered repeatedly as a treat because it is expensive. The smell when you open the bag will get you right off! Even the decaf has great taste!
It is becoming a staple.😉

Foulks, Kim
A nice change of pace :)

Don't usually drink flavored coffee. At first I wasn't sure this was one for me. But...I added a minute to my french press brew time and it was perfect with plain, skim milk froth. Will definitely add to my coffee rotation. :)


Rich and smooth.

El Salvador Organic
Donald Turner
May be the best yet!

We have been French roast drinkers for a while, but wanting to try other flavors. A friend recommended Java Planet, and being fairly local, I wen to the site and browsed, settle on a few flavors, but wow, the El Salvador Organic, is top notch. Have 1 more bean to try, but leaning towards a monthly sub of El Salvador Organic. That it's organic and bio friendly, just makes it so much better!
Bravo Java Planet!

Decaf Mayan Organic
Janice Pollet
Great for decaf!

This is the second decaf coffee from Java Planet that I have tried and it’s the better one of the two. I’m telling you I really miss my regular coffee. But trying to stay away from caffeine for my digestion. And this Mayan decaf is pretty darn good. My husband even drinks it and he doesn’t have to. I have tried a decaf from another company but they didn’t even have a full pound and the price was no better. I think I’m gonna stick with the Mayan as it is so smooth and not bitter at all plus it’s healthy.

Love it

This was the second time I purchased this. This was a Christmas present.

Low Acid Coffee Set
Matthew Hostetter
Great Coffee, Exceptional Customer Service

Great business to support offering high quality products and a great customer experience!!

Great coffee

I was looking for a decaf that tasted like something.
This one is wonderful and smooth.
Will be ordering again!

The best decaf coffee I've had

I've been seeking a low acid decaf coffee and figured I'd check this one out. This is an excellent coffee -- I usually need to add a bit of sugar to make decaf palatable but I didn't need to for this one. Would consider this my go-to decaf coffee when I want to have a latte but it's too late to have caffeine.