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What are people saying about Java Planet Coffee?

Based on 2163 reviews
Best coffee

Very smooth, great flavor no bitterness. My new favorite

Decaf Peru Organic
George Seley

Always great!

Roaster's Special
Leo Wissler

Roaster's Special

Confidence in Quality

Amazing flavor notes aside, how superb is it when you actually find low-acid, mold-free and certified organic coffee beans for home brewing? I love that Java Planet Coffee is family owned! ❤️

Holly Mershon
Coco haze

Fantastic flavor.

Colombia Organic
Brett Benger
Only coffee I will ever drink!

I’ve been buying these beans since 2015 and am forever grateful. I only drink lower acidic coffee and this stuff is amazing.

Colombia Organic
Gunnar Watson

It was the best coffee i’ve ever had.

Decaf Peru Organic
Sarah Fabisiak
Love this coffee, love this company

The service is excellent and easy! The Decaf Peru coffee is so fresh, aromatic, and gives me no acid reflux or heartburn. I’m so happy!

Costa Rica Organic
Jim DeLaurentis

Great Value and amazing Taste

Decaf Peru Organic
Richard Schneider

Great coffee!

Husband loved it

Husband loved it. Getting him more

French Press
Laura Balbo
Best French Press Ever!

It keep any coffee warm so I never have to worry about making too much coffee!!

Guatemala Organic
Jay Powers

Have you tasted it? Laurel and I buy two kinds of beans from Java Planet; low acid Colombian and low acid Guatemalan. We make double shot espressos every morning using the Guatemala Organic. It has become a ritual. Coffee drinkers know what I mean. The richness of the beans is amazing. The aroma before and after brewing is soul satisfying. The low acid component means it never comes back to haunt you. Have you tried it?

Costa Rica Organic

Guatemala Organic
Jane Tucker
Loyal customer

I’ve been ordering 5lb whole beans Guatemala Organic 5 years. The coffee is consistently delicious!

Roaster's Special
Jo Anne Rosenfeld
Very robust

The Indonesian Java Taman Dadar was flavorful and robust! Full bodied and delicious.

El Salvador Organic
Denise FS
Favorite coffee company

Their El Salvador coffee is my number 1 favorite. Guatemalan is a very close 2nd. Love the origins and the environmental conscientiousness of Java Planet. Do wish their prices were more reasonable but the coffee is definitely the best.

Colombia Organic
Lari Shcherbina-Leonidov

Good coffee

Roaster's Special
James Evans
Tastes great!

Went down even better.
A very smooth brew.

Dark Roast Set
Michael Longley

Excellent roast and grind - as always.

Limited Edition, Java Planet Coffee Mug, BIRD #1 Scarlet Tanager

This coffee mug is beautiful, almost too nice to use for drinking coffee! The large volume of coffee this mug will hold soon overrides it's beauty and I "fill her up"!!
The mug is lovely and will hold an enormous amount of my favorite brand of coffee, Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters coffee! From what ask? Any country, single origin, whole bean...they are all delicious!

Costa Rica Organic
David Corwin

I have been coffee from java so long i do not remember that i cannot remember--I have like every kind i got

Sumatra Organic
Holm C Diercks
Like always, amazing coffee

Hands down, amazing great coffee.

Great coffee every time!

I’ve tried at least 6 different coffees from Java Planet. Each one has its own unique vibe and taste. I would not hesitate to buy any of them again. Fully recommend this coffee. Service and shipping is great too!

Amazing coffee!