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Awesome Beans

I ordered beans on the suggestion of my son’s billet Dad in Richmond. Since I’m teaching remotely my coffee shop isn’t convenient. These beans make a rich cappuccino, love them. I am on my second shipment.

Awesome Beans

I ordered beans on the suggestion of my son’s billet Dad in Richmond. Since I’m teaching remotely my coffee shop isn’t convenient. These beans make a rich cappuccino, love them. I am on my second shipment.

Lifetime Customer!!

The coffee is amazing! I like the organic beans!
A healthy choice for anyone!


Awesome as always!


Love the coffee and service is great!


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Perfect blend

This is by far our families favorite blend from Java Planet.
Balanced between medium and dark roast and origin of bean.

Perfect for anyone with strong ethics and a picky stomach!

This coffee is amazing! I have chronic heartburn, acid reflux, and nausea. Coffee first thing in the morning usually triggers that but I've had no problems with this coffee. It tastes great too! Plus, I really appreciate being able to support coffee with the bird friendly certification.

Black and Tan mix

LOVE this! The comb nation of medium and dark is perfect-it tastes better as a pour-over I think but good as a drip-definitely recommend

Best yet

Great coffee our new favorite. I recommend this coffee whole heartedly!

Chocolate almond bliss

My daughter loves this! I haven’t had it yet but I trust her judgement as she is an executive chef!


All of your coffee is amazingly smooth. So, this is no exception. It’s never bitter or overly strong. Delicious!

Smooth but rich

My family enjoys this roast as it is smooth, low acid, but with a full rich coffee taste. It is a winner here!


Great turn around time as well.

New Favorite

Guatemala Single Roast is our "New Favorite" morning coffee. It's Smooth flavor is delightful. A Great cup of coffee to start the day.

Brazil organic

I didn't like this as much as the black and tan organic-it was a bitter taste to it but tasted better if you do a pour-over as opposed to drip method!

black and tan organic

I think the combination of dark and medium is just right-it tastes better if you do a pour-over as opposed to a drip! Love it!

Thank you Java Planet! I can enjoy coffee again!!

I searched the internet and that goodness found Java Planet! Organic, low acid, decaf coffee! I couldn't believe it! It is fabulous!! Customer service is so helpful if you have any questions. I was able to purchase with confidence! I got the coarse ground so I could use my French Press. I can once again enjoy fresh coffee in my own home without the stomach upset!

Organic Peru Decaf

Best coffee ever❣❣❣❣

Perfect Peruvian Pick

We moved to Florida a year ago from Illinois. We had a favorite coffee roaster near our town up north. We were thrilled to find an excellent coffee roaster near our new home! Although we love caffeinated coffee, it does not like us. Finding decaf coffee that is tasty & flavorful is a challenge. We love your decaf beans from Peru! Thank you for offering Peruvian decaf beans to the world!

Enjoyed it very much

And the coffee was delivered very quickly, and I plan to re-order.

Perfect decaf!

My husband needs decaf and loves this roast! Can’t even tell it’s decaf, it has such a great flavor!

Deliciously balanced!

Love this roast for my morning cup! Well balanced and makes a great cup using a French Press!


One of my absolutely favorite roasts! I thoroughly enjoy it. Nice smooth flavor.

Excellent flavor and aroma

Cocohaze is now my new fave! The coconut aroma is awesome & the flavor is delicious!

fantastic smooth and rich

Very rich smooth coffee flavor I feel good about drinking. I've had much less heart burn since switching.

low acid

Really great flavor, smooth and bold at the same time. AND no stomach problems from acid. This will be MY coffee now!

Delicious and Low Acid

It has been hard to find a low acid coffee that is rich in flavor, so I have been delighted with this Columbian. It is full bodied, complex, and my stomach can handle it:>) Thanks for a great coffee!

A Very Good Columbian

We are coffee afficianados, grinding beans immediately before brewing, soaking the filter, using filtered water, and adding a few grains of salt to the top of the grinds. This is a very good Columbian requiring a bit more beans being ground to achieve that perfect taste with hints of chocolate.

My favorite 😍

This crop of Costa Rican coffee is wonderful!

Best coffee, ever!

My husband and I have been drinking this coffee for a year now. We have the subscription. It's delicious, full of flavor, and doesn't hurt my stomach like other coffee does. As a self-proclaimed environmentalist, I love that it is Rainforest Alliance Certified.