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Guatemala Organic
Ben Nelson


Decaf Peru Organic
Lisa Rudlaff

Love this decaf coffee. I drink half calf, my favorite is Good Morning blend for the caffeine. Thank you for the great coffee and commitment to the environment. Lisa


Tastes fine with no unpleasant aftertaste. Also has a good smell.

Bestseller Sampler
Eugene Schmidt
Guatemala or Sumatran?

I have loved all flavors of arabica beans, but medium to dark roast seems to bring out the chocolate and caramel flavors and although Guatemalan is great, Sumatran is by far the best! Looking forward to the next.

Guatemala Organic

Colombia Organic
Jason Turnage
Mild acid and awesome flavor

This is the one mild acid coffee I’ve found that actually is noticeably lower acid, and has no compromise of flavor.

Guatemala Organic
Autumn Githara
Best Coffee

Java Planet coffees are always delicious! This one is smooth, flavorful and aromatic. I normally like Peru, as it’s a darker roast, but tried this as my husband likes a medium. It is fantastic! And I love the French press as well! It’s double walled, so keeps the coffee nice and hot even for my second cup.

French Press
John Hudson
Sumatra t

I love Sumatra its rich dark without the burnt taste

Espresso Organic Blend
Robert Schwartz
Strong Bold & Savory

This Espresso Organic Mix is far above any coffee shop that is out there. We have been drinking this coffee for many years now and have yet to be disappointed.

Delicious coffee without the stomach problems

My husband loves coffee but started having trouble with excess acid a few years ago. Since discovering your low acid coffee he can drink all he wants and not worry about any repercussions. Plus, he loves the coffee....a total win.

Love it!!!

We switched to Columbia because of low acid. My stomach says thank you for that! Haven't had acid issues since we switched. It tastes great too!!

Black Magic Organic Blend
Mariana B Taglienti
Best coffee!

Will be buying and buying from here!

Guatemala Organic
Lawrence Levine
Very smooth and rich

As a first time buyer, you never know, but I am happy to report that the coffee is very smm9th and rich. I target low acid products and the coffee seems to be less troublesome to the stomach. I will be ordering more.

Guatemala Organic
James Evans
Still #1

I'm a fan of pour over and occasionally Java Planets French press. Trying out other countries coffees mostly wet wash, a voice in my head is always saying Java Planets Guatemalan coffee is still the best for me. The Guatemalan coffee is always a smooth tasty, never sharp for me cup anytime of day. Always willing to try a new brand (as long as I can), to date, Java Planets, Guatemalan, is #1.

Excellent espresso!

So delicious! Absolutely love this espresso blend!


Java Planet's El Salvador Organic coffee is a great tasting, dark roast coffee that is strong enough to have a good flavor that is low acid and easy on the stomach. One of my favorite Java Planet coffees.

Decaf Peru Organic
Steve Umberger
Great coffee

The taste and smell alone sets it apart just awesome!!!

Papua New Guinea
lori james
Papua New Guinea

Love this coffee! Bold, flavorful, with sweet undertones. Will definitely be ordering more!

Good coffee

I still don’t know which coffee is our favorite.

Guatemala Organic
Eugene Schmidt
Whole bean Guatemalan

Bought for my girlfriend, boy was I surprised how much I enjoyed. Will buy again, this time for me!

Guatemala Organic
Abigail Rudolph
Surprisingly delicious

It’s not my usual coffee and I wasn’t too sure about investing in a pound of unknown 😊. But, I’m very glad i did and will order again.

Java Planet is my absolute FAVORITE coffee!!

Love Java Planet - all their coffees are amazing! The Colombia Organic is especially delicious - smooth - rich coffee flavor. It's our favorite coffee - better than ever other brand. It's the BEST. Thank you Java Planet!!

Costa Rica Organic
Megan Doran
Wonderfully rich blend

Great smooth rich coffee

Papua New Guinea
James Evans

Papua New Guinea

Colombia Organic
Darlene M Hoover
Bold but smooth flavor!

Great coffee that has great flavor and won�t upset my stomach.