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Good Morning

A great way to start the day!


Strong, but not too strong, with a smooth finish!

Robust full flavor

Not my favorite, being more partial to lighter roasts, but on those days when a dark roast is sought this is a great choice.

Ethiopian Sidamo Organic
Carol D OConnell
Wow! CB is five star

Smooth and delicious! May be my new favorite! Smooth robust flavor is like having cafe con leche, especially with a little brown sugar and warm milk. Java Planet coffee, you hit it out of the ballpark with this!!! I am a coffee snob!!

Great coffee!

The columbian & espresso blend are my favorites. I grind & drink 2-3 cups each morning. Thanks

A great birthday gift for my wife

The sample set was a birthday present for my wife (an avid coffee drinker), and she was very happy with the results. I made her a cup using these beans and all the best advice I could find on the internet about how to brew the perfect cup at home, and she said it was as good as a cafe!

Quite Good

I could buy this again - but I am still trying out other coffees on this site also. I have been drinking this hot, and it is quite tasty.

Guatemala Organic
Ben Fiedler
Rich and delicious - no acid problems!

I L-O-V-E delicious and rich coffee, but my tummy didn't. After looking at google search results, Java Planet was clearly a coffee roaster that cares about delicious and rich coffee, organic coffee and important for people like me - low acid coffee. I ordered the twin pack of the Guatamalan and Columbian low acid styles. The Guatemalan is perfect for me - rich but not too dark. Unless you enjoy very dark and strong beans/roast, suggest skipping the Columbian. Just had a delicious cup with a cookie after lunch and my tummy says,"Yes!!!!" I also appreciate supporting an independent, family based business.

Colombia Organic
Rebecca J Deckard
Best ever Colombian Coffee

I've tried a variety of coffees in the past (not flavored coffees thought) and as good as they may be, I always come back to the Colombian bean and the Java Planet Colombian is the first Organic Colombian I've ever tried. The flavor, aroma and smoothness is unbelievable! And it's a big plus that the coffee is Fair Trade.

Guatemala Organic
Ann Marie Genco
Fresh and smooth

The first thing I noticed was the bloom. I pour over. I have never seen a coffee react with such intensity. What I remembered was that the bloom indicated a fresh coffee. I researched at Roasty Coffee:
"Remember, when you pour hot water over top of your coffee grounds, you should see the bloom form. If nothing happens to your coffee, it is most likely stale and will not produce a good, full flavored cup of coffee."
The next thing I noticed was later in the day...or, I should say that the next thing was something I did NOT notice - I did not have a stomach ache from drinking coffee. This has never happened before! I can even have a cup of this coffee two days in a row! Imagine the pleasure of drinking coffee again, instead of tea. This coffee has a smooth and satisfying taste. My tastebuds and stomach are equally happy with the product. Thank you!

Guatemala Organic
William Caulway
Great product and customer service

We were searching for a Smithsonian Bird certified coffee. We found this blend and it met that need but also solved another problem of acid bothering our tummies. We buy the 5# bag every 3 months on subscription. You get a discount.

Decaf Peru Organic
My favorite Decaf

I love Peru decaf coffee, it is delicious and smooth. I mix my morning coffee half and half with decaf. I have been drinking Java Planet's organic coffee for about 8 years. I love their coffee and since I started with decaf,the Peru is my favorite, low acid is a bonus! Now I can drink coffee any time of day and not worry about the caffine. I trust Java Planet for great sourcing and natrually decaffinated, not chemicals here!

Colombia Organic
Smoothie /Fruity !

Think I’ve tried all of them & I’m liking the Columbia best.
Very smooth & just the right amount of fruit flavor.

Espresso Organic Blend
Chris Deneweth
Fresh and delicious

I just upgraded my espresso machine and wanted to try some fresh beans. I’d been using grocery store beans up until. This. blend gave me a beautiful crema and a delicious flavor. I’ll never go back to grocery beans, you have me hooked.

Guatemala Organic
Michael Daniel
The Beat Coffee Period

Over the years have have tried many different coffees from quite a number of coffee roasters. The first time I drank Guatemalan coffee was at a Bed And Breakfast and I was hooked. I found out where they had gotten their coffee and immediately went to the roasters and bought a couple pounds to take home with me. I continued to purchase their coffee until they started dark roasting it. When I found out that you roasted it as a medium roast I was pleasantly surprised. You advertised that it was medium roast but I’ve been burnt before (no pun intended)by roasters that said their Guatemalan coffee was medium roast when it actually was medium dark or dark. I don’t like dark roast coffee of any kind. I drink my coffee black all the time and I want to enjoy the subtle flavors that I only get with medium roast especially Guatemalan coffee. I’m extremely pleased that you only roast it to a medium roast. As long as it is roasted to medium, you’ll have me as a customer. Thanks again for a wonderful coffee perfectly roasted. I’m enjoying a cup of it right now out on my deck and the temperature has dropped quite a lot up here in the mountains. There is nothing better than having a fresh cup of hot coffee when it is cold where you are. Thanks for hooking me up with a wonderfully roasted Guatemalan coffee again.

Decaf Peru Organic
Amanda Wilson
wonderful Peruvian Coffee!

The coffee is nice and dark, rich and not at all bitter, it's very mellow. Just like you would want in the evening. Perfect.

Roaster's Special
Abigail Rudolph
Very satisfying

Smooth but very full of flavor.

a bold taste and no acid reaction.

a bold taste and no acid reaction.

My Favorite Coffee

This Organic House Blend is my favorite coffee.
My wife is not a coffee drinker but she enjoys the aroma of the freshly ground beans.

Colombia Organic
Marcelina Gennace
Excellent !

I love this coffee! Smooth and low acid so it doesn’t upset my stomach ! I love that it is organic and fair trade too! Fair compensation is important for humanity to thrive .


Delicious and Drinkable

I enjoyed this coffee very much and it was nice to have the chance to try something out of the ordinary. I appreciate the absolute freshness of your coffees, I generally receive them within a couple of days of their roasting.

French Press!

I am very impressed with this french press!! I can't believe how long it keeps liquid hot with the insulated walls. It makes delicious coffee and it doesn't drip when you pour it. I would buy again!

Papua New Guinea
S.M. Ford
Good-tasting Coffee!

This is my second or third bag of Papua New Guinea coffee and I really like the taste of it! It has a good taste that is not overpowering and the acidity is low enough to keep you going back to get a second or third cup! I tried it several months ago and found it to be one of my favorite coffees for 2020. Try it and I bet you will like it too!

Brazil Organic
wparsell67 wparsell67
Great taste

This is my new favorite coffee. Absolutely love the flavor. If you like a strong taste this isn’t for you. But if you just enjoy a nice smooth taste you’d enjoy this one. I usually order the Columbia one now I’m hooked on this one.