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Bethany DeMott

I’ve been searching for organic flavored coffee and this is by far the best I’ve tried! Tastes and smells amazing.

Bestseller Sampler
Bridget Mitchell

So good!

Sidamo Organic for my Bro

Heard about Java Planet from Animal Based Bae (Lindsay), so ordered some for my brother and Dad loves all coffee, so that was a win. My brother who is a bit more discerning also loved his treat of a new, clean coffee: Ethiopian Sidamo. He said it was delicious.

Decaf Sumatra Organic
michael olaughlin

Decaf Sumatra Organic

Fantastic coffee

I don’t know whether it’s the small batches, but this coffee taste great. I will order it again and again.

Guatemala Organic
Timothy Young
Guatemala Organic espresso

Coffee arrived 4 days after roast. I used the traditional recipe,18 grams in and 36 grams out, 200F, in 28 seconds including an 8 to 10 second 2 bar pre infusion then 9 bar for the rest of the extraction. Good body, smooth, with a slight spicy note to it. Liked it very much. After experimenting a bit more I increased the extraction to 33 seconds with 40 grams out. Taste gets even better as the espresso cools down a bit. No channeling observed with my naked portafilter. I’m going to try the Colombian next and hope I like it as much.

Papua New Guinea
Donald Turner
Paupa New Guinea: Rich and Smooth, easy to drink

Originally, we settled on El Salvador, from JP. We came from french roast from the big chain: we like strongly brewed, dark coffee. Recently, the El Salvador was running into some supply constraints, and we were asked to switch to something new. I asked for a reference from Tiffany at Java Planet, and she suggested the Papua New Guinea. We did, and wow, wonderful it is! Exactly what we like: smooth, even brewed strong, dark, but none of the after bite we had from our previous french.
We think we actually enjoy the Papua New Guinea better than our loved El Salvador!
If you like dark roasts, but smooth, easy to drink, then we highly recommend trying Papua New Guinea!

Guatemala Organic
Thomas Taylor
Guatemala Gold!

After trying most of the Java Planet coffees, I have landed on my favorite: Guatemala. Though all of the coffees have a similar flavor (which is not a bad thing), some taste more bold and some less bold, and with varying nuances. I have always been a bold coffee drinker, but with Java Planet, I have settled upon the Guatemala and now buy the 5 lb. bag. It has been a wonderful journey for me, and you too will enjoy finding your favorite. No jitters with organic; that has made all the difference.

Guatemala Organic
Nat Pattara
Fresh, smooth and aromatic low adcid coffee.

I'm happy with my purchase. I ordered 3 different ones; 2 Colombia, Guatemala and Peru decaf.

Guatemala Organic
Theresa Baxter

Very smooth, and delightful as an espresso cappuccino. No bitter taste. Low acidity. I'm switching from my old standby to the Guatemala Organic!

Bestseller Sampler
Ryan Duncan
Java Planet

Great tasting coffee and I will be ordering again.

Costa Rica Organic
William Kahl
Love It

Going to order more

Guatemala Organic
Jeffrey Durlak
Always good, Sometimes Great!

We always order the Guatemalan Organic.
It’s always good, but this time it’s Great!
Smooth sweet caramel hints with no burnt aftertaste.


I'm not a coffee connoisseur but growing up in Hawaii yrs ago I got spoiled occasionally drinking 100% Kona coffee. Today it's costing on average over $50.00 a pound, Ridiculous. I'm stoked to have stumbled across Java Planets Guatemala Organic. It is practically just as good and smooth in my opinion at a fraction of the cost. Thank you Tiffany at JP for helping me out with my initial order.

Espresso Organic Blend
Alsmaoal Abuali

Espresso Organic Blend

Excellent coffee!

For me, the Espresso Organic blend is the best I’ve ever had. Nice bold coffee taste. Doesn’t have much (if any) acid and is very easy on my stomach. I only have a few cups a day and prepare it in a French press. I make it quite strong but add a little more hot milk to the cup. The additional milk doesn’t take away any of the great flavor. Think of Starbuck’s flat white only much, much better (and less expensive). Thanks Java Planet for a great cup of coffee!!!

Best coffee ever

I'm a coffee snob and I won't drink anything else. The beans are always fresh as indicated by the thick bloom when adding hot water. (The very popular brand has no bloom, btw.) The coffee is smooth and never bitter. I love a dark roast and the Sumatra is perfection. A bonus is that the coffee is always carefully packed and the company is very eco-conscious. Plus it is a small business that I feel good in supporting. Best coffee ever!!

Colombia Organic
Sydney B.
Very Good

This has become my go-to everyday coffee. I generally find other Colombian coffees a bit bitter but this one is very smooth with a great taste.

Costa Rica Organic
Mike Tabile
Costa Rica Organic Single Origin

I was looking for a new single origin to try. I spoke with a representative and let them know I like a fruity and chocolatey coffee. She recommended the costa rican. I am glad I took her advice.

Colombia Organic
The best coffee

I will always order Java Planet coffee.

Loved by mouth and tummy

This doesn’t bother my stomach and tastes so smooth and satisfying! Highly recommend!

Best decaf ever

I almost forget it's decaf it's so good! I'm a drink a dark roast black kinda girl and this one reminds me of the days when I could handle the high-test stuff!

Guatemala Organic
Todd Carlson
Nice flavor. Everybody here likes it. Has potential.

Acid reflux, mainly having to give up sugars and spicy food, started affecting my ability to drink coffee 2-3 years ago. I almost had to give it up; at least my local Austin favorites like Casa Brasil Samba Blend. So I started researching low-acid.

I found Java Planet Columbia Organic and it was a godsend. No GERD issues with it on my first 2 orders. But it is a bit too "earthy" for my wife's taste so I ordered Guatemala Organic this last time instead.

We both love the flavor so far, especially medium-coarse grind in French Press. Java Planet is always roasted fresh within 3-10 days of delivery. Less earthy but no loss of dark chocolate tones and very smooth. I am still trying to perfect my pour over method.

I made this a Christmas gift this year. My Dad says he and his wife like it as much as their regional go-to Taylor Lane Goat Rock, which says something coming from them.

Organic coffee

I really love this coffee. So good taste.


Loved the rich, full bodied flavor ❤️