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Lyn K
Great coffee

I was looking for a great, low-acid coffee, and I found this company. I bought their Columbia Organic, “A medium dark roast with full body, mild acidity and big balanced flavor.” It has all proven to be very true. The price and shipping cost are well worth the high quality and great taste. As I’m both a consumer and a retired marketing professor, I very much appreciate an overall very satisfying experience with a company. I’m actually enjoying a cup of it while writing this review. A+++


It took me a while, but I finally talked my employer into to switching our coffee to JavaPlanet. This is, by far, the best coffee for the money out there. keep up the good work!

Charlie Ryan
Love it!

My bride and I absolutely love this coffee. Rich, mild and flavorful. The reduced acid content is also a very nice feature. A great find! Thank you Java Planet!


I love waking up to a cup of wonderful coffee. It gives me joy. It is not bitter, plus I have the low acid variety. Love it.

Steve L.
Fantastic Colombian Coffee!

Coffee came out tasting great! A very smooth flavor to it. Nice color, and a beautiful shine that comes from the oil as well. Apparently, the more coffee is roasted, the more oil comes out of it. And since these are a medium dark roast vs. the usual medium I always buy, that probably explains why I had more oil with this brand.

One minor issue I had is that I felt I had to put not 1 but 2 extra tablespoons of coffee into my grinder in order to get a strong enough flavor. But since I tend do that anyway (at least 1 extra), I guess it's not really an issue, especially since taste is subjective anyway.

Definitely highly recommend this coffee! Very high quality & organic as well!!

I love that they have a Roast Date on their bags too!