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Jay Powers
Great coffee!

Better than expected

Peter Bush
Colombia Organic coffee

I have recently found that my favorite coffees are dark roasted, and I especially like very dark roasted. I think that may be I felt that I wanted more flavor from the Colombia Organic coffee, which was a medium dark roast. For people who aren't looking for that particular very dark roast flavor note, this might be fine.

Dan Blair
Wake up and really smell the coffee

I’ve been ordering this coffee for almost year now.
This coffee is the best since the coffee bean was discovered. Java has been giving the best coffee and customer service I order the five pound bag of columbian low ascitic and wow what a cup of jo.
The coffee Connoisseur

Miriam Kilmer
Delicious coffee, and good for planet Earth!

I got a beautiful new stainless steel French press coffee maker (no plastic). I ordered 1 pack of coarse-ground decaffeinated coffee and one of regular coarse-ground coffee. Now I can mix and match to get just the amount of caffeine I want in a decent-sized cup of coffee. I've never tasted better coffee.

Alyson Shomsky
Fantastic Low Acid Coffee

Best coffee for those of us who want less acid. But would totally recommend for anyone just wanting a great tasting coffee. The company ships my order in a timely manner.
I have been buying the same coffee for three years.