• How fresh is the coffee when it's shipped to me?

  • Is this coffee ground or whole bean?

  • What are your coffees flavored with?

  • About Fair Trade Coffee

  • What is Bird Friendly Certified?

  • What is Rainforest Alliance Certified?

  • How is your coffee decaffeinated?

  • How much grounds should I use per cup?

  • Can this coffee be used in a French Press?

  • Can this be used in an espresso machine?

  • What is the difference between espresso beans & coffee beans?

  • Is this coffee low acid? What is the PH level?

  • Does your low acid coffee have the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee?

  • Do you have a decaf low acid coffee?

  • Why are my beans oily? or dry?

  • Do you test for mycotoxins?

  • How fresh is your coffee?

  • Where are your beans sourced from?

  • What is the best way to store my coffee?

  • My question isn't answered here. How do I reach someone to get it answered?

What are people saying about Java Planet Coffee?

Based on 1355 reviews
An outstanding coffee

A full flavored dark roast without the bitterness that has ruined other dark roasts for me.

Love the coffee!!

Java Planet never disappoints! Great quality organic coffee at great prices! I am very picky about my coffee and love these beans!


This is my favorite flavored coffee. Not too strong but very mild and smooth. Love, love, love ...

Smooth and Delicious! Definite 5 star.

I'm often called the "coffee snob" of my group. I found Java Planet Coffee not too long ago and started ordering a variety of flavors to try out. Hadn't had Ethiopian Sidamo since my favorite coffee shop stopped carrying it. One taste and I'm in heaven. I've signed up for a monthly subscription and love knowing I can have a delicious cup of coffee anytime I want. Tiffany has been great, helping me with anything I needed!

Organic Peru Decaf

The Organic Peru Decaf is great! I have a sensitive stomach, but this coffee did not bother me 100%. I highly recommend

absolutely delicious!

Delicious coffee! Any way

Good purchase

When I want a quick cup of Java coffee with great flavor.
This is like a french press only I don't have to wait to enjoy. I use it every morning in place of my coffee pot.
Just heat up my water and pour over my grounds.
Good purchase.

My Fav from JP

Great taste. Strong, but smooth. My favorite coffee from Java Planet!

Best coffee EVER!

I can't tell you how pleased I am to have my favorite coffee again. My local grocer used to sell it but discontinued recently. Once again, morning is something to look forward to.

Fantastic Coffee

This is really good coffee. Doesn't taste like decaf, and doesn't bother my stomach. I highly recommend.

Excellent coffee,

I've been buying coffee from these guys for a while, I tried the Brazilian, Columbia medium dark roasted, but the Guatemala, is my favorite, good coffee

Perfect cup of coffee

My morning coffee is pretty important! I have struggled to find a consistently good coffee. I discovered Java and have used it for 2 years and I very pleased. I especially like that it is organic....it’s always fresh and delicious! I order direct and with the pandemic that service has been extremely valuable. I found this adorable coffee cup from Seeds of Happiness....the smile in my cup and the excellent coffee it holds is a perfect start to pandemic days!

Ahhh :)

Loving the flavors in this coffee. A delicious and comforting cup to enjoy!

Great Coffee

I'm really enjoying this coffee. Great flavor! Highly recommend if you like your coffee black.

My new favorite.

Had been drinking the Costa Rica dark roast but was looking for a medium roast as I read they were healthier. But I didn’t like the mild flavor. Then I tried this Columbia medium dark roast and the flavor wasn’t too mild and was very smooth. It’s my new favorite.

The smoothest coffee!

I have been on the lookout for New Guinea Gold coffee, very hard to find in the states, but Java Planet’s Papua New Guinea Organic is as good! Nobody has this here! I highly recommend trying. We typically only drink dark roasts, and JP has done a masterful roast. See the beans in my Airscape canister.

Best coffee Ever

This is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had! I love that it’s not bitter at all. The taste is amazing. Already ordered another 5lb bag! Thanks for making a great cup of coffee!

My favorite JP coffee

Java Planet has numerous and varied coffee beans for sale but the Guatemala is the best IMHO...

Love this coffee

I had gotten to the point where I did not like coffee anymore. Then I remembere I used to buy fresh roasted coffee when I traveled and I looked for something close to me. WOW, I am do thankful I found this place. It is the best coffee I have had in years.
The people are really nice and everything is top quality from the packaging to the beans. I will buy all my coffee here from now on. Thank you so much for this coffee!!!😘

Awesome Beans

I ordered beans on the suggestion of my son’s billet Dad in Richmond. Since I’m teaching remotely my coffee shop isn’t convenient. These beans make a rich cappuccino, love them. I am on my second shipment.

Great coffee. Doesn’t taste like decaf

I had to switch to decaf and was not looking forward to the switch. In fact, I thought I might stop coffee all together when I told I needed to give up the leaded variety. This Peru Decaf was a very pleasant surprise. Tastes like real coffee! And good coffee at that. This is going to be my regular coffee from now on. Tastes great, smooth, low acid. Total win.

Awesome Beans

I ordered beans on the suggestion of my son’s billet Dad in Richmond. Since I’m teaching remotely my coffee shop isn’t convenient. These beans make a rich cappuccino, love them. I am on my second shipment.

Satisfying Decaf

This coffee is smooth a flavorful. I love that it’s decaf so I can drink it all day.

Low acid choices!

I love the low acid coffees! No more heartburn, and with decaf low acid I can have coffee all day!
I gifted this set to my daughter so she could try Java Planet. She’s loving the low acid coffees too!
You can subscribe for auto delivery and save a few dollars too! Free shipping at $50, it’s quick!

Great change of pace

The cinnamon vanilla coffee is really good. The tastes of the two named ingredients are distinct and delicious. Try it, you’ll love it