• How fresh is the coffee when it's shipped to me?

  • Is this coffee ground or whole bean?

  • What are your coffees flavored with?

  • Is your coffee gluten, nut, allergen free?

  • What is Bird Friendly Certified?

  • How is your coffee decaffeinated?

  • How much grounds should I use per cup?

  • Can this coffee be used in a French Press?

  • Can this be used in an espresso machine?

  • What is the difference between espresso beans & coffee beans?

  • Is this coffee low acid? What is the PH level?

  • Does your low acid coffee have the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee?

  • Do you have a decaf low acid coffee?

  • Why are my beans oily? or dry?

  • Do you test for mycotoxins?

  • How fresh is your coffee?

  • Where are your beans sourced from?

  • What is the best way to store my coffee?

  • My question isn't answered here. How do I reach someone to get it answered?

What are people saying about Java Planet Coffee?

Based on 2376 reviews
Peru Organic
S.M. Ford
Java Planet Peru Organic Coffee Is Great Tasting Coffee

The Java Planet Peru Organic Coffee is great-tasting coffee! It not only has great flavor, but the low acid content is easy on the stomach too! I can't wait to see the bottom of the bag so I can order more! Thank you!

Costa Rica Coffee

The Costa Rica Organic Coffee was delicious...good flavor and low acidity. I will be buying more in a couple of months. Thank you!

Colombia Organic
Nikki Serenity

This coffee is delicious! I love both the Colombia and Guatemala! I can’t decide which one I like more!


I had been noticing that I would cough for a little bit after drinking regular coffee. This mold free coffee has been a game changer. No more coughing!

Low Acid Coffee Set
Theresa Theisen
Great coffee

I noticed the freshness before I brewed my first cup. I bought decaf and low acid and it does not bother my stomach at all. I am going to order a flavor in my next order. This has been a great find for me and my daughter. Thank you

Colombia Organic
Abigail Rudolph

So much better than the other coffee roasters. I try other sources for coffee but it’s pointless since i just have to come back to Java Planet


Coffee is great...customer service is great.

Pumpkin Spice Organic
Rebecca Larris

The coffee is amazing. It smells so good and when we save it for ice, it tastes even better.

Papua New Guinea
Dan Mchugh
Best Coffee Ever!

Review I enjoy drinking this coffee as a cold brew, with 8.8 alkaline water it is acid free, delicious and makes my morning!

Colombia Organic
Taylor Halvorson

Love this coffee for the nutrition and also taste. Highly recommend!!

Excellent Dark Roast Coffee

I love coffee! Because of previous mold exposure, I am hyper-sensitive to mold and caffeine. Java Planet coffee is mold free and the Decaf Sumatra is excellent! I have not had any flare ups which makes this a safe coffee for me to drink! So happy! Thank you Java Planet!!

Papua New Guinea
Nancy Forrest
Love the Papua New Guinea

We sampled this coffee at a farmer's market and both loved it immediately. This dark strong coffee suits our taste.

Roaster's Special
Courtney Thomas

Delicious smooth coffee

Decaf Peru Organic
JIM Martino
Great coffee

I used to buy Don Pablo coffee for my espresso machine but it took a month to receive my orders so I switched to Java Planet Decaf Peru blend and I'm glad I did I like it alot better then the Don Pablo and the service was fast can't wait to order more.

Roaster's Special
Marlene Rice

This coffee was smooth and delicious

Best decaffeinated coffee

for those who don't do caffeine well, Peruvian Decaf is the best, especially in a flat white.

Guatemala Organic
Edward Morgis
Guatemala is the only one for me!

I was so happy to receive my Guatemala coffee beans! I live outside of the US and always look forward to buying these beans on my trips to Florida. These beans are by far the very best I have ever encountered. They are smooth, with an oh so subtle nutty flavour. I drink my coffee with frothy steamed whole milk. All my family members look forward to receiving bags of Java Planet coffee beans which I bring back for them.

Guatemala Organic
Andrew Rouslin

the coffee is excellent!!we love the smell and taste-good job.

Colombia Organic
Romney Sh


Very smooth and strong

One of my favorites!

good, but dark

I like it alot, but wish it could also be roasted lighter.

Peru Organic
Marlena Tinker
Peru Organic Coffee Beans-My favorite!

This coffee is exactly what it says it is; smooth and mellow. I have introduced this coffee to many others and they love it too. A great coffee to sip on the front porch any day, especially on a rainy day.

Colombia Organic
Surya Asija


Decaf Peru Organic
Monica Hughett
We love this coffee!

Great flavor, wide selection, affordable and fast shipping! It's a yes from me!

Sumatra Organic
Carol Meise
Sumatran organic

My favorite.