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Love Java Planet Coffee - always full of flavor and so smooth. Rich and bursting with flavor. It's the only coffee I drink - everyone loves it!! I highly recommend.

Black Magic

We found this coffee in a little cafe in Venice. We were so impressed with the rich bold flavor that we inquired about the origin of the coffee, that was 10 years ago. We have been ordering this coffee every since. Simply the best coffee we have ever had!!

Great coffee

Great coffee Great price. This coffee tastes and smells wonderful. Sure there may not be as wide of a selection of varieties or roast types, as other coffee brands, but it works out for me. I enjoy the fact that they are organic and bird friendly coffee.

Excellent DeCaf

For DeCaf it has a full, rich flavor. I have been shopping around for the perfect coffee and I think I have found it.

Guatemalan Children’s Education

I am proud to buy my coffee ☕️ from a company that supports fair wages for the people who grow and pick the coffee cherries AND that supports the education of the coffee workers’ children too. I gladly purchase my coffee ☕️ from Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters because it’s a win-win for everyone involved; I get excellent coffee from Java Planet who get some of the best beans from Guatemalan farmers who are paid a decent wage for their hard work, AND the children of the Guatemalan farmers get an elementary school education that is funded in part by Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters, me and you!! Initially, all I wanted was a good cup of coffee ☕️ from a good supplier and Java Planet gives me that… and a whole lot more with each order!


Bought this sampler and loved everything! Can't decide what I want to reorder :)

absolutely wonderful

This ranked right behind the Peru coffee I bought at the same time. It was close for first place. The is my second choice and will take the place of my old one. If you want a bold, non bitter coffee that doesn't have the floral or fruit notes in it, this is it. I love it. I drink the Peru and Sumatra every day. 2 cups of Peru and 1 of Sumatra. Wonderful way to start the day.


Very happy with the continued quality of this clean, organic coffee. Smooth and rich.

Guatemala Organic
Amazon Customer
If you are a coffee drinker it is a must try .

Excellent tasting coffee. I get the Guatemalan whole bean plus quick delivery.

Great Low Acid Coffee

This is a great low acid coffee for those of us who suffer from acid reflux.

Decaf Peru Organic

I can only drink decaf and finding one with exceptional flavor has been a challenge. Not anymore! OMG..this coffee is FABULOUS! Exceptional flavor, so smooth and no upset stomach. Im hooked!!! Will definitely be a lifelong user! I use a keurig and put the fresh grounds in a reusable pod. So easy, fresh and ecologically considerate.

Costa Rica Organic
James Gaylord
Good flavor low acid coffee

Title says it all. Especially nice evening brew.

BEST TASTING COFFEE have had maybe ever

Yes, I am picky and maybe some would call me a foodie but I also live on a fixed income so I cannot afford this any more (today: $21 for 1 lb bag). But it the taste is ROCK STAR SUPER PHENOMENAL best in class maybe ever for me and like every other hopeless coffee addict, I could easily see myself committing serious crime to partake of this in exchange for bothering to get up in the morning and go to work. This stuff is killer. Period.

Definitely worth trying out!

If you like to try out different coffees, put this one in your cart.

Good one for those who like medium strength coffee. Good flavour on frenchpress.

I was looking for some organic coffee and this one turned out to be a good one with awesome taste and mildly acidic.

High Altitude Arabica

Good dark roast whole Beans. Great flavor and aroma

Colombia Organic
Kim M Johnson
Best coffee ever!

Smells intoxicating! Taste is superb!

Guatemala Organic
Roland Albert
The coffee is Low-Acid!

Has good flavor but, is not the flavor that I am lookig for.

Colombia Organic
Coburn C Washington
Coffee taste test

This particular coffee was not something I would reorder although it was about average to my taste.

absolutely wonderful

This is my new best coffee. I got tired of my regular go-to coffee and started looking for a new one. With the stipulations of decaf and low acid, pickings are slim. Then I ran across this one and decided to give it a try. I bought the whole bean so I could grind just a little in case I didn't care for it. WOW, it is so good. The flavor is bold even as a decaf. There is no bitterness at all like some brands. My daughter even likes it, so I will be buying some more real soon. So glad I tried this one.

Peru Organic
Jessalyn Memont
Best flavor

Love this line of coffee. It’s not burnt or too acidic, it’s the first coffee that does not impact my continued heart burn.

Colombia Organic
Carol Hayes
Smooth Taste

I love this coffee as it is very smooth, not bitter and does not bother my stomach. Very delicious!

Guatemala Organic
Elwood Smith
Very Tasty Low Acidic Coffee

The Java Planet Low Acid Coffee is my first foray into a low acidic coffee and I was delighted with the taste, a very robust flavor! Esselon Organic French Roast, was our favorite of all the brands we've tried, but we were experiencing acid reflux and decided to try a coffee with less acid. I expected the Java Planet to be somewhat wimpy, but in fact, it came very close to the Esselon. I'll be buying it again, for sure! We'll save the Esselon for special occasions, but have the Java Planet daily. And with pleasure.

Tastes Great

This organic coffee tastes rich and not bitter. I love that it is organic. Makes a perfect cup of coffee every time!

Colombia Organic
Dr Doug Paulsen
Better the second time

In my first review, I had concerns about the robustness of the coffee. I thought perhaps I got a bad bag that just wasn't completely fresh. The second bag was much better. Very nice deep Colombian flavor this time. Give it a try. The more we buy, the less time it'll spend on the shelf.