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French Press French Press French Press French Press French Press French Press
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  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Our French Press will not break, made of durable double walled steel that will keep the heat in. The handle and knob stay cool while your coffee is hot for comfortable and safe pouring.
  • HEAVY DUTY FRENCH PRESS FILTER - Our coffee maker has a thick tight weave filter to maximize water/grounds separation, for a perfect cup of coffee.
  • PORTABLE - Our French Press is small enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase so you can brew anywhere. Making it a perfect camping French Press or travel french press!
  • Watch our video on how to brew in a French Press

Now available - order any coffee ground coarse! Perfect for cold brew or hot-pressed coffee! Shop coffee now

Customer Reviews

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French Press!

I am very impressed with this french press!! I can't believe how long it keeps liquid hot with the insulated walls. It makes delicious coffee and it doesn't drip when you pour it. I would buy again!


I love Java Planet coffee! Organic, pesticide free, and shade grown! Tastes amazing and love the stainless steel French press too. Coffee tastes so much better in this French press vs a coffee maker. I got on your coffee subscription too!


Sumatra is a great low acid coffee and this is good quality nicely roasted

Good quality for the price.

Tried with French press and as cold brew, both ways tasted burnt and very acidic. I have coffee every day but this gave me terrible indigestion and stomach cramps. Definitely would not recommend.

We weren't sure when we purchased...but we love it!

We've had a couple of Starbucks French presses, but they left a lot of grounds get through. We rarely get grounds with this--1 or 2 pieces at the most. It's great! Highly recommend. (The only thing that's a little "messy" is getting the grounds out of a groove on the bottom side of the press when we clean it, but it's not horrible.)