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1. Kenya’s economy is described as a liberal market without government control. The only thing that the government does control about the economy is certain commodity prices and the quality of the coffee. This is of benefit to coffee farmers as farmers can be sure to make a living wage.             

2. Agriculture employs over 75% of Kenyan’s.

3. Coffee is a huge export in Kenya however many Kenyans believe that the coffee they produce should be sold outside of their country, so they drink tea or beer.       

4. Kenyan men can have more than one wife if they want. However, dowries are still traditional in Kenya and start at 10 cows.

5. Kenyans use songs, poems, and stories to pass down their culture from generation to generation.

6. Kenyans value community and family above all else.

7. Lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalo run free in Kenya. 

8. Kenya is widely known around the world for its distance runners.   

9. Kenya is comparable in size to Texas.         

10. Most of Kenya's electricity is hydroelectricity.