Hello fellow coffee lovers!

We want to introduce you to our family business, Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters located in Tampa, FL. We have been providing 100% certified organic coffee to individuals and businesses since 2009. We are completely committed to providing you with the best tasting, freshest roasted organic coffee that can be purchased at a competitive price.

Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters has been a work in progress for a long time.  As coffee lovers, we wanted to create a company that ensured our goal for the highest quality product was met. It was important to us that our coffee was one that supports a healthy body, a healthy planet and one that ensures that the coffee growers are fairly compensated for their green coffee beans.

We believe when customers choose Java Planet Organic and Fair Trade certified coffee, they get a better tasting cup of coffee. There are no chemicals, the beans were grown in a natural way, the farmers are paid a better wage and the coffee beans are processed in clean, efficient facilities. You help the environment, provide education and healthcare, and increase the sustainability of farming as a means of survival for millions of people. Pretty easy choice if you ask us.

To ensure you are educated on why you should choose organic and fair trade coffee, we have given you detailed information under our Coffee Basics section of the website.  We think once you become enlightened on the significance of this crop and the benefits that you will receive from Organic coffee, you will never go back to a conventional cup of coffee.

Mike and Jennifer Simmons, Owners, Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters