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Guatemala Organic Guatemala Organic Guatemala Organic Guatemala Organic Guatemala Organic Guatemala Organic Guatemala Organic Coffee Guatemala Organic Guatemala Organic

This single-origin Guatemala coffee is grown in the Huehuetenango region. It is shade-grown under guava, plantain, and banana trees which give the coffee it's fruit undertones along with the caramel and chocolate notes. We roast the coffee only to medium so as to maintain those flavors.

It carries the Smithsonian Bird Friendly Certification and Fair Trade certification.

Brewing recommendations:

 French Press, Drip, Pour Over

Worth Noting

This certified Bird Friendly and Fairtrade Organic coffee comes from Asociación Civil Guaya'b, an association in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Of its 330 members, 316 are of indigenous descent.

Formally established in 1998, Guaya'b began selling to the Fair Trade market in 2000.

"Since we began selling at the Fair Trade price we have seen a big improvement in our quality of life," says Antonio Carmelo Camposeco, president of Guaya'b. "Cooperative members can now afford to buy clothes and medicine for their families, and they benefit from the new programs the cooperative has implemented with revenue from Fair Trade sales."

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Customer Reviews

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The Beat Coffee Period

Over the years have have tried many different coffees from quite a number of coffee roasters. The first time I drank Guatemalan coffee was at a Bed And Breakfast and I was hooked. I found out where they had gotten their coffee and immediately went to the roasters and bought a couple pounds to take home with me. I continued to purchase their coffee until they started dark roasting it. When I found out that you roasted it as a medium roast I was pleasantly surprised. You advertised that it was medium roast but I’ve been burnt before (no pun intended)by roasters that said their Guatemalan coffee was medium roast when it actually was medium dark or dark. I don’t like dark roast coffee of any kind. I drink my coffee black all the time and I want to enjoy the subtle flavors that I only get with medium roast especially Guatemalan coffee. I’m extremely pleased that you only roast it to a medium roast. As long as it is roasted to medium, you’ll have me as a customer. Thanks again for a wonderful coffee perfectly roasted. I’m enjoying a cup of it right now out on my deck and the temperature has dropped quite a lot up here in the mountains. There is nothing better than having a fresh cup of hot coffee when it is cold where you are. Thanks for hooking me up with a wonderfully roasted Guatemalan coffee again.

a bold taste and no acid reaction.

a bold taste and no acid reaction.

Great coffee

Simply great coffee period

$100 cup of coffee.

My wife calls it her $100 cup of coffee. We have never had coffee beans shipped to our home before, but at this point, we can’t imagine drinking anything else. And no, it isn’t $100 a cup, but it sure taste like it.

Perfect for anyone with strong ethics and a picky stomach!

This coffee is amazing! I have chronic heartburn, acid reflux, and nausea. Coffee first thing in the morning usually triggers that but I've had no problems with this coffee. It tastes great too! Plus, I really appreciate being able to support coffee with the bird friendly certification.