Decaf Peru Organic
Decaf Peru Organic Decaf Peru Organic Decaf Peru Organic Decaf Peru Organic Decaf Peru Organic Decaf Peru Organic Decaf Peru Organic Peru Decaf Organic Coffee Decaf Peru Organic Decaf Peru Organic

A medium-dark roasted decaf with a note of chocolate, smooth body, and a creamy walnut finish decaffeinated with the Swiss water process.

Brewing recommendations:

 French Press, Drip, Pour Over

Worth Noting

Farmers who grow organic coffee make a commitment to caring for the environment despite smaller yields. Conventional farming uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase yield, whereas organic farming is local and labor-intensive, with resources like natural compost, fashioned on the farm. It’s more work to produce less coffee and we’re happy to support the extra effort. 

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Customer Reviews

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My favorite Decaf

I love Peru decaf coffee, it is delicious and smooth. I mix my morning coffee half and half with decaf. I have been drinking Java Planet's organic coffee for about 8 years. I love their coffee and since I started with decaf,the Peru is my favorite, low acid is a bonus! Now I can drink coffee any time of day and not worry about the caffine. I trust Java Planet for great sourcing and natrually decaffinated, not chemicals here!

wonderful Peruvian Coffee!

The coffee is nice and dark, rich and not at all bitter, it's very mellow. Just like you would want in the evening. Perfect.

Peruvian Decaf

This is my first trial of Peruvian coffee and must say that it is excellent, full flavored, no bite, very smooth. Very highly recommended.

Thank you Java Planet! I can enjoy coffee again!!

I searched the internet and that goodness found Java Planet! Organic, low acid, decaf coffee! I couldn't believe it! It is fabulous!! Customer service is so helpful if you have any questions. I was able to purchase with confidence! I got the coarse ground so I could use my French Press. I can once again enjoy fresh coffee in my own home without the stomach upset!

Organic Peru Decaf

Best coffee ever❣❣❣❣