Coffee Farm Bird Mug

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John Shea
The tastiest coffee I ever drank

I was thinking of giving up coffee. As a birder I looked online for coffee's which protect the environment and corporations which cut down every tree to plant a coffee plantation. I learned of organic coffee being grown under the canopy of the rain forests. So I gave it a try. WOW. What a fresh, clean, tasty coffee. I never drank coffee like this before and I am 70 years of age. No pesticides or chemicals. And it helps the native countrymen to protect their soil and trees. Gladly pay a little more to preserve their traditions.

In addition to the Peruvian organic bird friendly coffee I also purchased a French Press which never heard of before. I had a Tea Kettle for my herbal teas and now use the Tea Kettle to boil water and in conjunction with the French Press I cannot wait for the morning to roll around to have my two cups at 6am. Try it and if you want a good coffee like non other please go my route. You will not be disappointed and you are helping preserve the Earth.

Holm C Diercks
Peruan coffee

Myself coffee lover, tried pretty much everything. Peruan coffee, My favorite coffee by far. Thank u

Greg Ballantyne
Nice, very nice

Another great Java Planet organic and bird friendly coffee. Variety is valued in our house when it comes to coffee, and Peru Organic has earned a spot in the rotation. A bit darker roast is a welcome contrast to some of the great lighter roast coffees, and I see this one getting ordered on a routine basis.

Andrew Rouslin
we love the coffee--we need our next order -same as last order -asap

send coffee

MD. Denver
Our Favorite is Peru Organic

We have tried most all of the Java Planet coffee. All are excellent, but our favorite is the Peru Organic coffee and a close second is the Papua New Guinea Organic. We love these so much that when we go on our extended international vacations we always take a supply with us!