Coffee Grinder
Coffee Grinder Coffee Grinder
  • BETTER FLAVOR - The burr coffee grinder is easy to adjust. Our grind selector ensures you have total control over how coarse or fine your beans are for your Pour Over, French Press, Espresso, Kcup, Aeropress, Automatic Drip, Percolator, Cold Brew, or Turkish Coffee. Fresh grounds make for better flavor no matter how you brew.
  • GREAT COFFEE ANYWHERE - Our manual burr grinder does not require electricity or batteries allowing you to properly grind beans at home, while traveling or out in the great outdoors.
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN - Stainless steel metal construction and our ceramic conical burr grinder offer durability and easy cleanup.
  • QUIET - Our manual coffee grinder uses a hand-crank method which reduces noise, resulting in being able to brew anytime (such as while others are sleeping) and anywhere (like an office cubicle).