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Decaf Peru Organic
Aysegul Bolen

Decaf Peru Organic

Chocolate Almond Bliss
Autumn Githara
Delicious coffee you can feel good about!

Wonderful tasting and highly ethical way to drink a favorite beverage!

Java Planet Coffee

Love your coffee. Great, medium bold, fresh, clean tasting coffee.


JAVA Planet has the best coffee hands down - small family owned business so you know they take that extra special care that you just don't get with the big box companies. The black magic blend is one of my favorites! Medium roast with a very smooth finish - it's really the perfect blend!! Always SMOOTH - no acid or bitterness just a wonderful rich and smooth coffee taste. Seriously the best!!!

Espresso Organic Blend
Chris Clinton
Espresso Organic Blen

We have this on auto replenish and it is great!

Guatemala Organic
Kerrie Huffman
The Best Coffee EVER!!!

I love this Coffee so much, I don't know why its delicious but it is. It's a little pricey but I'm the only one I share it with. LOL

Smooth and Delicious

The Papua New Guinea is the first we have tried from Java Planet and it did not disappoint. We used to buy a Papua New Guinea roast from another company but they stopped selling it, so we needed a replacement. I am so glad I found Java Planet! The Papua New Guinea is so smooth and just overall delicious. It does not have any bitter after taste like so many other coffees out on the market, which is exactly what we were searching for in a coffee. We didn't even finish our first pound of beans before I ordered a 5 lb bag of Papua New Guinea. The Guatemala roast is next up on our list to try and we can't wait!

Decaf Sumatra Organic
Donnamarie Lapczynski
Sweet and smooth

Very nice flavor and the flavor loses nothing whether regular or decaf.

Decaf Peru Organic
Jennifer Bueller
Excellent flavor, safe on my stomach!

I compared a few of the top five low acid coffee’s and the taste of Java Planet tastes just as good as the most expensive coffee. I even converted my husband over because he was happier with cheaper coffee. I am willing to cut back on many things, but the taste of my coffee and the low acidity for my stomach is not one of them!

Decaf Peru Organic

Peru Organic
amy bunker

Peru Organic

Great flavor, no bite!

Great tasting coffee that is surprisingly mild if you're sensitive to acid!


This coffee is so tasty and feels a lot better on the tummy than most! Love it!

Sondra Livermore
Excellent! Thank you!

Love this coffee! Drink it every day!

Sumatra Organic
Abigail Rudolph
A true pleasure

A cup of Sumatra coffee in the morning is a simple joy. A so good. These coffees are worth the price. Sumatra is one of my favorites but I probably say that for others also

Sumatra Organic
Miriam Kilmer
Sumatra decaf with Columbian regular works out really well

I'm really enjoying my Java Planet coffee!

Colombia Organic
Jay Powers
Great coffee!

Better than expected

Espresso Organic Blend
Stephen Larson
Great coffee, good price

It’s good organic coffee for a reasonable price if you don’t mind having 5 pounds of it at a time. Shipped fast and I will be ordering again. Thank you Java planet!

El Salvador Organic
George Seley
Java Planet Decaf

We love this coffee and have been drinking it for years. We purchased it originally because it is organically grown.
We also love their Bird-Friendly regular beans.

Best Flavor!!

This may be the best tasting coffee ever. Had a 1 pound bag gifted to me and it caused me to buy a 5 pound bag!!

Colombia Organic
Peter Bush
Colombia Organic coffee

I have recently found that my favorite coffees are dark roasted, and I especially like very dark roasted. I think that may be I felt that I wanted more flavor from the Colombia Organic coffee, which was a medium dark roast. For people who aren't looking for that particular very dark roast flavor note, this might be fine.

Love the coffee

I ordered one bag of medium roast decaf and one bag of the dark roast decaf. Over the years I’ve become sensitive to caffeine and cannot metabolize it well anymore and I’m not sure why. The Java Planet decaf gives me the ability to drink coffee without any sort of crazy panic attacks or side effects and I know it’s not laced with pesticides and chemicals. Great product. The only slight complaint I have is the dark roast is not as full bodied as regular non-decaf but I guess it’s because of the beans being soaked.

French Press
James Evans
It works

Proving to be a durable french press coffee maker.

Fresh full body flavour

Black and Tan Organic Blend

My new favorite coffee blend from Java Planet. Smooth and tasty!